Joining the Dialogue

Feb 28, 20185 minutes

For myself and please remember that this is my personal journey and my opinions alone, I am constantly educating myself with grief and loss. So I often find myself seeking information and discussions that are structured around death, to better Dragonfly Advisory Services and helping those families who have lost someone. Because remember I am not a therapist or grief counsellor, but have more personal experience that one should have. There are so many amazing support programs within our country it is outstanding. As September was Suicide Prevention Month, I would often take the opportunity to educate myself, and reading every bit of material I could on the subject, it was surprising on the statistics alone from Statcan are staggering 3926 alone in 2012 ranging from ages 10 through to 90’s. It is noted that dealing with a loss to suicide is like no other, and the process can be complex and traumatic as the death is usually self-inflicted and often the family members are unsure on how to express the loss and those on the receiving end are often unsure as to what to say. As our family has had a personal experience with such, I can honestly say that you start to questions a lot, and wonder if you missed any signs, or of there could have been a way to prevent the tragedy from happening. Statistics show that there are more feelings of anger, resentment, and abandonment than any other cause of death. The positive news is that with Joining the Dialogue there have been amazing breakthroughs for Suicide Prevention, we have been able to bring programs to help educate and assist families and loved ones with a voice to help others. There are amazing resources to help those in need now, who may have thoughts of suicide or help those understand the process. Please if you feel a need check out the website like any loss, there are no quick fixes we just have to work at the grief process one day at a time.

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