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Special Guest Sophie Misouri Infant and Pregnancy Loss Death Doula

Aug 8, 2019

Today we are joined by Sophie Misouri of Wild Oats Birth Services and her journey as a Infant and Pregnancy Loss Death Doula.

Learn more >> http://wildoatsbirth.com

From Sophie's website: "I’m Sophie Misouri, a bilingual Sudbury-based doula, the founder of Wild Oats – and a mom of two who understands firsthand how much of a game-changer doula support can be. ​Though I studied Psychology and Anthropologie (at Laurentian) and am a graduate of Collège Boréal’s Occupational and Physiotherapy Assistant Program, it was my own birth experience that inspired me to become a doula and start Wild Oats.

With my first daughter Annabelle, who was born in 2016, I endured 26 hours of unpredictable and intense ‘back labour’. Out of exhaustion and desperation, I requested an epidural – and ended up pushing for two-and-a-half hours. The experience left me scarred – both physically and mentally.

Determined to have a different experience the second time around, I sought the help of a doula when I became pregnant again. With her in my corner, I felt informed, supported and empowered– and ended up having an incredibly positive second birth experience in 2018. In addition to giving me another daughter – sweet Nina – that second pregnancy and birth experience changed the direction of my career and life’s work. I knew even before Nina was born that this was my calling and began the process of certifying (through Bebo Mia). The rest, as they say, is history."

Grief and Bereavement with Madeleine Sauve

Mar 19, 201924 minutes

Grief and Bereavement

Ageing in Action Episode 13: Robert Kirwan, Councillor of Ward 5 in Greater Sudbury

Jan 30, 201926 minutes

Importance of Age Friendly Strategy

Ageing in Action Episode 11: Emily Blinkie, Tax Manager at MNP

Jan 23, 201928 minutes

Disability Tax Credits and Senior Tax Credits

Ageing in Action Episode 9: Norm Piché, Executive Financial Consultant

Dec 23, 201825 minutes

End of Life Finance Decisions

Ageing in Action Episode 8: Dr Cayla Bronicheski, Naturopath

Dec 17, 201826 minutes

What is happening behind closed doors? Sex and Ageing.

Ageing in Action Episode 6: Stephanie Leclair, Executive Director of the Alzheimer's Society

Nov 28, 201827 minutes

Alzheimer and Dementia patients and the local transit system

Ageing in Action Episode 5: France Gelinas, NDP MPP for Nickel Belt

Nov 22, 201826 minutes

Home Care Alternatives and Long Term Care

Ageing in Action Episode 4: Michelle Gallant, Owner, Northern Ontario PR

Nov 20, 201827 minutes

Social Media and Death

Ageing in Action Episode 2: PSW Shortage in Northern Ontario

Oct 25, 201827 minutes

PSW shortage and it's impact in the Community

Premiere Episode of Ageing in Action

Oct 20, 201827 minutes

Introduction and Topics Discussed in Season 1

Special Guest Home Hospice Association

Aug 3, 201835 minutes

Home Hospice Association

Special Guest Guy Villeneuve

Jun 11, 201819 minutes

Being prepared

Special Guest Sarah from Bodystream Medical Marijuana Services

May 19, 201820 minutes

Process and Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Special Guest Dawn Condon of Connected Living

Apr 19, 201816 minutes

mental and physical health tips

Special Guest Jessica with St. George Medical

Apr 9, 201810 minutes

Tele-medicine clinic in Sudbury Ontario

Joining the Dialogue

Feb 28, 20185 minutes

Suicide prevention

Trouble is You Thought You Had More Time

Jan 8, 20187 minutes

Have you ever said I'll do it tomorrow?

Who What When Where and Why

Dec 11, 201712 minutes

The 5 w's

True or False, Socially Acceptable-Posting Condolences

Nov 22, 20177 minutes

Posting Condolences on social media

Living with Dying a caregivers guide by Jahnna Beecham and Katie Ortlip

Nov 10, 201731 minutes

Death for Dummies

Special Guest Colleen with Butterfly Wings

Oct 30, 2017

Support for people who have been touched by the death of a baby

Special Guest Courtney Smith and Nathan Courtemanche and the loss of their baby Greyson

Oct 11, 201739 minutes

The path of grief and losing a child

Special Guest Kim Dittburner

Sep 27, 201738 minutes

Grieving the loss of a child

Laughter Yoga with Special Guest Gail Kavelman

Sep 6, 201726 minutes

Gail Kavelman

The Hidden Grief

Sep 1, 20177 minutes

The Chosen One

Strength in Numbers

Aug 24, 20177 minutes

Inspiration from others

Special Guest: Anne Marie Wallace Phillips

Aug 3, 201732 minutes

You don't get over the loss of a child

Roller Coaster Effect

Jul 6, 20175 minutes

When you get hit with grief

It’s All About Me…..

Jul 6, 20176 minutes

can you think of yourself in a trying time?

Special Guest: Stephanie from His Mom Strong

Jun 16, 201731 minutes

The inconsistency with grief

When Do We Call it Quits?

May 16, 20177 minutes

Have you ever questioned yourself?

The 5 Stages Of Grief, Will I Get Acceptance?

May 16, 20176 minutes

5 stages of grief

The Right Thing to Say

May 16, 20175 minutes

You don't need to say anything

Karma What Goes Around Comes Around

Apr 28, 20176 minutes

Friend, Foe and Family

Apr 28, 20176 minutes

Does Age Matter…Young Or Old…..

Apr 13, 20175 minutes

When a loved one dies, does it matter how old they were

Those Firsts VS. The Special

Apr 3, 20175 minutes

the days that follow after a loved one dies

The First Time

Mar 21, 20175 minutes

Why Dragonfly Advisory Services

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