The First Time

Mar 21, 20175 minutes

A loss of a love one SUCKS!!! I am not going to sugar coat it, or make all smell pretty like roses, it just down right sucks. Regardless if you have been caring for maybe a parent suffering from a disease such as cancer, you have watched them riddle away to nothing, suffer daily, struggle to do the easiest thing like putting on their shoes. YET that day comes, their breathing becomes shallow, you know it is time, you prayed nightly for them to go in peace it happens. It still SUCKS! Or you may have lost someone quickly an accident, never got to really say the things you wanted to...It still SUCKS!

If you are a parent yourself at the time, you may still be expected to go daily, make hockey practice or maybe drop of your little one at dance, knowing that it still does not make the grieving any easier. To read more

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