Special Guest Dawn Condon of Connected Living

Apr 19, 201816 minutes

mental and physical health tips

Special Guest Jessica with St. George Medical

Apr 9, 201810 minutes

Tele-medicine clinic in Sudbury Ontario

Joining the Dialogue

Feb 28, 20185 minutes

Suicide prevention

Trouble is You Thought You Had More Time

Jan 8, 20187 minutes

Have you ever said I'll do it tomorrow?

Who What When Where and Why

Dec 11, 201712 minutes

The 5 w's

True or False, Socially Acceptable-Posting Condolences

Nov 22, 20177 minutes

Posting Condolences on social media

Living with Dying a caregivers guide by Jahnna Beecham and Katie Ortlip

Nov 10, 201731 minutes

Death for Dummies

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