True or False, Socially Acceptable-Posting Condolences

Nov 22, 20177 minutes

Social Media has become a part of who we are, an extension of ourselves, possibly a little too much at times. As I sit at a restaurant having dinner recently, look around and almost everyone is playing on a phone, it makes me wonder. We use social media as a way to stay contented to be part of: family, friends, peer groups, even some use it negatively and irresponsibly. Regardless there are very few if us that do not have a Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, or use it for business reasons like LinkedIn, myself included.

Social Media has itself received a lot of negativity in recent months, in respect to posting pictures – of life altering events, such as car crashes, accidents, hell even a recently deceased individual. Authorities are asking society as a whole to think before they “Post”. I question this one as really, they need to ask?

Condolences – Hey I am the first to offer my condolences, my sympathy, when a family member, friend, or associate has lost a loved one. But a recent conversation made me think. Is it the right thing to do? Would it actually be so difficult for me to pick up the phone or maybe a dessert, make a call or drop in? So question True or False….Have we possibly evolved in such a way that we forgot about human contact, emotions, where a hug goes a long way? Or a tear or two?

Please no judging, I am not judging social media, I am not stating never offer our condolences on social media, no need to ruffle our feathers. For myself, I took the conversation seriously, from someone whom, had the experience, got notification from an inappropriate source. Personally maybe the best advice yet, wait till public notification has been made, Obituary has been released, Funeral Home has made public knowledge, it may be the safer route. Better yet, make a call, drop a card, and a hug goes a long way.

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