Strength in Numbers

Aug 24, 20177 minutes

If there has been anything I have personally gained from my experiences is that there are many women (and men also) but my main focus is on the women today, that have all made a change in their lives may it have been a career change, volunteer, new venture, or role based on a personal choice or event that led them to take another path.

It never ceases to amaze me the women I speak with or meet via another introduction, where the individual has made a difference or working towards change. It may not always be on a professional level, it could be personal also. It may be a simple act of kindness helping mom or dad move into a better living environment knowing that it will make their lives much safer but your just became a little more challenging. I have family who have had an altering life change with a spouse having a stroke at a young age, but instead of sitting back and accepting as is focused on what was important and initiated change in our world with remarkable success, and is an inspiration to many.

There is a personal friend whom I do not see as much as I would love too as we did in our early hockey years, but today she is still active in a role what was for many years male set, she is achieved goals set out in our early years, and continues today to make hockey a better place in Northern Ontario and Ontario. With an accident years ago personally with a spouse, another family member seen a need in our community and she also has made a great impact in health care here in the North and has broaden her scope. And these women our just within my personal circle, if I look outside of this circle, I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing women in our community here alone, from women who have started their own companies and services, that are dedicated in making a change in the way business is perceived with women as a front runner.

Thank You to all the amazing women out there.

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